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Being a Toxic Mold Expert witness we offer services from asbestos, florida indoor air quality testing, mold cleaning, mold removal, and hazardous wastes. AGC Environmental may consult for your company or municipality or complete a full remediation package. We also have been proviinge the best toxic mold defense expert services in the state of Florida for over 10 years.
AGC Environmental offers qualified environmental health safety consultant for trial, insurance coverage, and other environmental related consultant services. We have your "toxic mold defense expert"
Toxic Mold Defense Expert
Asbestos Expert Witness
Lead Paint Expert
Expert Environmental Witness

We offer our services for lawyers and mold clients as a toxic mold expert and toxic mold expert witness. Our background and historical data will benefit your mold case. For more information you may contact an environmental consultant today online and we will get back to you with 24 hours.

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Florida Indoor Air Quality Testing
AGC Environmental's Indoor Air Quality Testing involves certified consultants to conduct a full inspection. Our full indoor air quality testing services offer information and reporting that assists identifying and fixing the indoor air quality problems. We are also offering written data for insurance and official court documents.

We offer a wide range of environmental inspection and removal services. Be it at work or home, our services will assist you in creating safe indoor environment. Contact one of our environmental consultant today for an evaluation.

AGC Environmental Services:

Toxic Mold Expert Mold Inspection and Testing

Our mold sampling techniques offer solutions and report data to assist you in insurance battles and court room headaches. All of our mold inspection details are professional and qualified to be used in court, insurance claims, and remediation protocols.

Lead Based Paint Removal

AGC Environmental has the capability of performing Chapter 7 lead-based paint inspections for target housing, child-occupied facilities, and federally funded housing. Per federal law all lead-based paint inspectors performing these types of inspections must be certified also by the USEPA. AGC Environmental may also provide Chapter 5 Risk Assessment services.

Asbestos Removal

AGC Environmental has been known for working with Florida asbestos lawyers to assess and offer expert witness and opinion regarding asbestos exposure, asbestos health effects, and many other asbestos advice and suggestions.

Waste Management

Consulting for your hazardous waste issues, engineering or transportation and disposal of hazardous waste is one of the new areas of service being provided for our clients. AGC Environmental Consulting, Inc. has site commanders for emergency spill situations, Vacuum truck response, waste characterization, and disposal facilities to serve your waste management needs.

Soil Remediation-Treatment

Adviron Environmental Consulting, Inc. conducts non-hazardous soil remediation with outlets in Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties. Only petroleum-impacted soils are collected and routed to our outlets where state of the art technology is used to recycle the soil. All outlets have environmental controls to insure that contaminants never reach the environment.

Environmental Risk Assessment

AGC Environmental site assessments use safe and proven techniques for finding the correct data for a site assessment using a Phase 1 and Phase 2 type assessments.

Toxic Mold Defense Expert

toxic mold expert

Ask a toxic mold expert that will offer insight and hard data for your mold problem. We have the most qualified toxic mold defense expert in the State of Florida for your trial needs.

Lawyers looking for mold expert can contact us today, we have over 10 years experience dealing with mold problems that are taken to court and for insurance purposes. If you are a lawyer and deal with mold cases our expertise will assist you in achieving a successful case. We use hard numbers and data that assists in any mold case.

Call us or contact a toxic mold expert today and ask a toxic mold expert to achieve better details for your case. View our other expertise services we offer