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Asbestos Testing

Being a Asbestos Expert Witness and testing expert AGC Environmental offers air monitoring services using phase contract microscopy (PCM) or Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) services. The services for asbestos testing include project design, project management, clearances of asbestos abatement projects, and asbestos building inspections. Below is our other qualified environmental services we offer.
AGC Environmental offers qualified environmental health safety consultant for trial, insurance coverage, and other environmental related consultant services. We have your "Asbestos Expert Witness "
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Asbestos Expert Witness
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We offer our services for lawyers and mold clients as an asbestos expert witness. Our background and historical data will benefit your mold case. For more information you may contact an environmental consultant today online and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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Florida Asbestos Consultant

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Asbestos Testing involves our state of Florida certified consultants to administer air monitoring services using different asbestos testing techniques that follow florida state guidelines. AGC Environmental has been known for working with a asbestos la wayer to assess and offer expert witness and opinion regarding asbestos exposure , asbestos health effects, and many other asbestos advice and suggestions.

AGC Environmental also conducts building inspections and home inspections. Our services will help you assist you in resolving your environmental problem. Contact a environmental consultant today. for a evaluation.

Toxic Mold ExpertAGC Environmental Consulting, Inc. is a state of Florida licensed asbestos consulting firm # ZA0000256. AGC Environmental may provide asbestos air monitoring services using Phase Contract Microscopy (PCM) or Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) Services for asbestos including project design, project management, clearances of asbestos abatement projects, and asbestos building inspections.

asbestos managementBefore performing any renovation work in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties an asbestos building inspection must be performed prior to any renovation activity. The report is needed to gain a renovation permit. AGC Environmental has performed hundreds of these inspections for general contractors.

Discover what is Asbestos at our partners web site.

Asbestos Expert Witness

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AGC Environmental also has been offering Expert Advice for lawyers and court room appearances regarding asbestos expert witness services and other environmental related consultation advice.

Many court room decisions come down to expert witness advice and consultation, AGC Environmental has been an Asbestos Expert Witness for more than 10 years. Our facts and detail report data has astounded lawyers and judges.

Call us or contact a asbestos expert witness today.