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What is an Environmental Consultant? As an Environmental Consultant Company our job is to help our clients understand the entire project , hence the name Consultant Environmental Management. Knowing whatt is an Environental Consultant will help when working mold removal, asbestos, and other harardous materials. Using a consultant company such as AGC Environmental you have access to a certified mold inspector expert witness and asbestos expert witness barret. Not all are qualified and certified, but AGC Environmental you can be assured is a Florida Certified Mold Inspection Company who has been well known for over ten years as a Certified Mold Inspector Expert Witness.
Our company covers mold dealing with a Florida Home Inspection. As an certified Mold Inspector Expert Witness, you have credibility on your insurance claims for your home and multi million dollar building project. We cover all types of inspections in Florda and also Asbestos in Commercial Buildings.
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As an expert witness as qualified environmental onsultant in the state of Florida, AGC Environmental offers indoor air quality testing for mold, bacteria, and is a certified mold inspector expert witness. We also offer professional help being a asbestos expert witness and abatement mold specialist. We understand the Health Effects of Black Mold and the best prevention methods for evironmental catastrophes. Whether you have a water damage event in your home, office, or begin smelling musty odor we understand the correct techniques to find mold and other water damage areas in your home or commercial building.

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  • Do you have a Home that may have Mold?
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  • We understand Health Effects of Black Mold
  • Are you Finding Mold in the House
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toxic mold expert

Ask a toxic mold expert that will offer insight and hard data for your mold problem. We have the most qualified toxic mold defense expert in the State of Florida for your trial needs.

Lawyers looking for mold expert can contact us today, we have over 10 years experience dealing with mold problems that are taken to court and for insurance purposes. If you are a lawyer and deal with mold cases our expertise will assist you in achieving a successful case. We use hard numbers and data that assists in any mold case.

Call us or contact a toxic mold expert today and ask a toxic mold expert to achieve better details for your case. View our other expertise services we offer